Official website online casino Fairspin

Official online casino Fairspin

The era of online casinos was marked by the fact that people from all over the world joined the game. This has led to the fact that some of the losers or in any way affected by the activities of gaming clubs began to believe that some institutions interfere with the course of the game, falsify or change the results, of course, in favor of the institution.

There is only one way to prove that this is not the case: to create a technology that eliminates interference in the operation of the casino, both from the outside and from the inside. For decades, this was an unattainable dream, but with the development of blockchain technology, it became a reality. Fairspin Casino is a striking example of the practical application of avant-garde technology in the gaming sphere.

The characteristic of a resource

Fairspin Casino is the first in the world to use blockchain technology in business. Thanks to this, it was possible to achieve a state in which the processes become open to users, up to the financial balance of the game club itself. This way, players can make sure that the resource is secure and solvent, which guarantees a refund and receipt of the money won by users.

The blockchain also ensures the security and openness of financial transactions and the operation of slot machines, which eliminates the risk of extraneous influence. It turns out that Fairspin Casino is a safe and honest resource in the world, providing customers with a game whose result depends solely on luck and a combination of circumstances, and is not due to the settings of gaming devices or imperfect development.

The casino started operating in 2018, and received a new name a year later, when the operation was made a fateful change. At the same time, the company received a license to operate on the Internet based on the Curacao eGaming blockchain. This license makes the establishment legal only in those countries where gambling is not officially prohibited. However, for Russian citizens and other Russian-speaking visitors, there are comfortable conditions for entertainment, in particular, the translation of the site and the work of the support service in Russian, the use of Russian rubles for making deposits.

Another feature of a blockchain-based casino is the fixation of every spin in slot machines on the site. This allows you to create game statistics for each slot, which helps you track the game's features and develop your own strategy for winning. This option is extremely attractive for customers who not only want to have fun, but also are looking for big and regular winnings.

Slot machines and slots in Fairspin casino


Passing the registration process in this game club is easy, and it takes little time. The main thing is to do it carefully, since corrections are not possible, and to make authentic data, because this way you can deprive yourself of the withdrawal of earned money.

Before registering on the site, you need to select a country, which will immediately enter the phone code of the state in the form to be filled in. The questionnaire itself is small and consists of several starting points:

  • Phone number (this is for him to choose the country so that the correct code is in front of him).
  • Email address.
  • Password for accessing your personal account.
  • Proof of reaching the age of more than 18 years (or 21 years).
  • Admission rules and requirements of the resource.

After completing the listed requirements and entering data, you need to complete the registration process. As a result, each new registered customer receives a welcome bonus of 30 free spins.

Deposits and withdrawals

In this modern casino, everything is thought out and controlled, including the principles of adding money to your gaming account and withdrawing money from it. First of all, the gaming club does not charge clients commissions for deposits and withdrawals. Further, players are not limited to limits on making deposits and receiving winnings. You can start at least with a ruble ten.

Important and interesting features are ahead. When registering, each new user receives an automatically generated game account opened in the resource's internal currency on the blockchain, which is called TruePlay (in operations, the currency is abbreviated as TPlay). This internal cryptocurrency is stably and invariably linked to the exchange rate of another well – known and frequently used cryptocurrency-Ethereum. The conversion rate is 1000 TPlay for 1 Ethereum.

But this is not all. The casino user does not need to search for where to buy cryptocurrencies, convert them to internal money, and then Deposit them to the account. This is clearly done automatically thanks to the same blockchain. The currency used on the site is automatically recalculated and converted into TPlay, getting into the user's automatically created TruePlay game wallet.

You can Deposit money to your account using the following methods:

  1. Popular types of cryptocurrencies, including Zcash and Dash. For those visitors who do not know how to open a cryptocurrency wallet and start using it, the site contains a detailed explanation that is clear even to a novice in this business.
  2. Visa or MasterCard Bank cards. Currencies such as euros, us dollars, and Russian rubles are used.

Conversion to an internal cryptocurrency leads to full transparency of operations, as well as provides instant input and output of money. For players who have experienced the duration of withdrawals at other casinos, as well as numerous related problems, such features of this blockchain-based gaming resource are grounds for trust in the resource and a desire to play only here.

Welcome bonuses of the Fairspin casino

Bonuses fairspin casino

After completing registration on the site, the new user will receive a pleasant welcome bonus of 30 free spins. The bonus is wagered for 6 days, otherwise the player who did not have time to make bets with it risks losing this pleasant and useful acquisition.

The casino takes care of people who have just become customers, assuming that they may have some difficulty interacting with an unfamiliar site at first. Therefore, after registration, a new player is contacted by phone by the club administrator, who explains in detail how to use the received welcome bonus and what you need to do to do this.

However, gifts from the club do not end with a welcome bonus. The game resource gives visitors special bonuses that are accrued for making a Deposit. The size is directly related to the number and size of deposits:

  • The first Deposit is related to the amount being deposited. If it starts from 100 TPlay, the player will receive a 50% bonus + 10 free spins. If you Deposit more than 500 TPlay, the bonus will be 75% and 20 free spins, and making more than 1000 TPlay will give the user a 100% bonus and 30 free spins.
  • The second and third Deposit will be the source of 75% bonus and 30 free spins.
  • For the fourth Deposit, the player is entitled to a 200% bonus and 50 free spins.

The casino is not limited to offering bonuses for making deposits, trying to support those who were not too successful in making bets. For this purpose, a cashback of up to 10% of the lost amounts is used, which is accrued weekly. Also, visitors to the resource can become participants in promotions, which can be read about on advertising banners on the site, as well as receive mailings carried out by the administration at the coordinates left by customers when registering.


A feature of Fairspin Casino that appeals to players is the use of exclusively licensed slot machines and other types of gambling entertainment. At the same time, the site's creators carefully selected advanced developers from a dozen countries. The casino today features 8 providers with more than 600 slots and other games selected by the most relevant indicators. Most slot machines have a return rate of up to 99%. These are impressive, significant indicators that allow customers to win often and a lot, while enjoying the game itself.

Cashback of the Fairspin casino

In addition to the selected slot machines, visitors will find card games that include poker of various modifications, as well as a dozen themed, story lotteries. Each type of entertainment is able to bring the player a win, in addition, it provides the necessary variety and fun.

The level of winnings in this casino is high, and if you take into account the security of the game and the ability to choose an interesting and regularly paying slot machine, analyzing the statistics available for it, it becomes clear why the number of users in Fairspin Casino is constantly increasing.

Working mirror of Fairspin casino

In the Russian Federation and in some other countries, such as Ukraine, casinos are illegal regardless of whether they have a license (in countries with a ban on gambling, casinos are not licensed). Therefore, the Fairspin Casino website is blocked by special regulatory authorities. Mirrors are used to allow residents of such countries to access the site.

This is the official website of the casino copied in detail, which is located on a different domain. Citizens of different countries can get access to it, including those where gambling is prohibited by law. To do this, they must have links to the working mirror. Since such sites are periodically detected and blocked, the link must be up-to-date.

Since mirrors are created using the same technology as the company's main site, they are well protected and safe for anyone to visit.

Support service

A nice feature of this casino is the presence of Russian-language support. It offers players a 24-hour chat, which employs well-trained people who quickly and professionally answer questions.

You can get additional information when communicating with company representatives via messengers or social networks.


From the first moment you get to the site, users have a favorable opinion about this interesting and unusual resource. Site navigation is simple and intuitive, registration does not require any effort and does not take time.

Honesty control casino Fairspin
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